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 Gold Earrings  

Amaranth Bird Earrings In 9kt Gold

Amaranth Bird Earrings

Price $445.00 


Celtic Drop Earrings - 9kt Yellow Gold

Celtic Drop Earrings 9kt Gold

Price $255.00 


Celtic Earrings 9kt Gold - Small

Earrings only

Price $215.00 

Curious Cat Earrings 9kt gold

Gold Cat Earrings

Price $460.00 


Dragons and Diamonds Earrings in 9kt Yellow Gold

Price $890.00 


Fuschia Drop Earrings 9kt gold

Price $395.00 

Spiral Teardrop Earrings - 9kt Gold

Price $315.00 


Swan Earrings 9kt Gold

Price $800.00 


Tasmanian Devil- "Tassie Devil earrings" 9kt Gold

Tasmanian Devil- "Tassie Devil earrings"

Price $215.00 

Tasmanian Tiger "Tassie Tiger" Earrings 9kt Gold

Price $315.00 


Three Dolphins Earrings 9kt. Yellow Gold

Three Dolphins Earrings 9kt. Yellow Gold

Price $685.00 


Three Fronds Earrings 9kt Gold

Price $440.00 

Tree of Life Earrings 9kt Yellow Gold

Price $470.00 


Wave Drop Earrings 9kt Gold

Price $440.00