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Customisable Jewellery

Have it your way!
Add gemstones or have pieces made in different prescious metals
(925 Sterling Silver, 9kt, 14kt,18kt, 22kt, Gold, Palladium, Platinum)

Dolphin Rings in Gold or Silver Pictured with Ruby, Sapphire & Amethyst

Customisable Dolphin Rings in stock


 Playful little dolphins can swim around any stone of your choosing.
Rings pictured: Gold with: Sapphire & Ruby
925 Sterling Silver with: Amythyst.

Three Waves Design has many variations

Three Wave Design 9kt Gold/Diamond-Instock
37mmW x42mmH (1 1/2"W X 1 3/4"H)
Gale wearing 3 wave earrings & pendant
9kt yellow gold with diamonds
Three Waves Sterling & Tanzenite 37mmx42mm
This Pendant can be ordered with stone of your choice



Three Wave Necklace in gold or silver - made with stone of choice. The shape of the wave normally holds a round faceted or cabachon stone. The one pictured on our model is sterling silver and features a 4mm green faceted chrome diapside.  



The table below demostrates the versatility of our jewellery.

We have chosen the "Tree of Life" to show variations on size, metals & gemstones


Large Tree of Life Pendant 9kt Yellow Gold
 Size 43mmH x 37mmW
(1-3/4"H x 1- 1/2" W)
All of our jewellery including this pendant can also be made in White or Rose gold (14kt or 18k)
Sterling SIlver Palladium or Platinum
Email us for pricing on different metals and karat
Large Tree of Life Yellow Gold

Large Tree of Life Pendant 9kt Rose Gold

 Size 43mmH x 37mmW
(1-3/4"H x 1- 1/2" W)


Weight: 8.8 grams



Small Tree of Life Pendant 9kt Rose Gold

Size:  27mmH x 23mmW

(1-1/8"H x .7/8"W)

Weight: 2.3 grams




Large Tree of Life Pendant 9kt yellow Gold with multi-coloured diamonds added.

This is a custom made-to-order piece. It is also pictured on our home page.

Inquire for  price and turn around time


(We have made this item in Sterling silver with Black Diamonds - not pictured)

Large Tree of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver

Size 43mmH x 37mmW
(1-3/4"H x 1- 1/2" W)





Small Tree of Life Pendant in Sterling Silver

Size:  27mmH x 23mmW

(1-1/8"H x .7/8"W)



Tree of Life Sterling Silver Earrings

Size:  23mmH x 23mmW

(7/8"H x .7/8"W)




 All Earrings can be Pendants and all Pendants can be Earrings! 

Olivia loved her earrings so much she had Knut make a pendant too!

Small celtic earrings sterling silver
Small celtic pendant with chain sterling silver pictured
Olivia wearing small celtic earrings & pendant